OER Academy

In some disciplines, a key challenge facing faculty who seek to adopt OER is lack of materials that approach or exceed the quality of commercially available instructional materials. Even in disciplines that have a wealth of OER materials, these materials do not always align well with the goals and teaching philosophies of faculty members who might otherwise use them. The OER Academy is a pilot project that seeks to address this need.

Our Goal

The OER Academy draws on the expertise of Colorado faculty—and potentially faculty at institutions outside of Colorado—to develop high-quality, peer-reviewed OER materials.

Our Approach

The fundamental idea behind the OER Academy is that every faculty member has at least one great lesson that is worth sharing. While the vast majority of OER development efforts have focused on textbooks, we believe that there is great opportunity in developing modules that might be drawn on, collectively, to take the place of a textbook – or used in combination with an OER or low-cost textbook. By encouraging faculty in a given discipline to share their best work—even if it’s simply a single lesson, a video recording, or a dataset—we believe we can assemble an impressive collection of resources in a particular area, such as statics, mathematics, physics, or economics.

The OER Academy uses the publishing collaborative model pioneered by the WAC Clearinghouse (, one of the leading open-access publication projects in the humanities and social sciences. This faculty-driven model combines the teaching and learning expertise faculty already possess with a familiar, rigorous peer-review process and a distributed publishing model.

Resources for Faculty

When the OER Academy is fully operational, this site will provide

  • information about strategies for developing OER, 
  • access to software tools (document development, video and graphics editing, and so on) that can be used to create OER, 
  • editorial review boards to conduct peer review in a particular discipline or area, and
  • a web interface that would allow instructors to search for and download OER materials.

To Learn More

Please contact Mike Palmquist, Associate Provost for Instructional Innovation, at With Meg Brown-Sica, Mike serves as principal investigator for the State of Colorado Open Educational Resources Grant that funds the OER Academy. 

Project Personnel

Mike Palmquist ( serves as the director of the OER Academy. Ben Greenlee ( serves as development editor for Academy projects.